Jacqueline Davila 

"If you ever wanted to gain a better understanding of body mechanics and the techniques of kickboxing then E.J. is your man!

He was my first instructor when I began kickboxing. I literally thought from the moment the class began he was crazy, I still do lol. He transitions from jumping jacks to squats to push-ups to planks all between combinations of punches, kicks, knees, and elbows. My body wanted to give out on me. I thought I would die at that moment but he kept me motivated and kept me going. When class was done I felt amazing! I couldn’t believe I got through something so tough. E.J. knows his stuff and if you want to succeed I suggest you start working with him today!"


Chris Alker

"Having become a fixture at the kickboxing gym where EJ is one of the most dedicated instructors, I have been fortunate not only to have attended his classes (and still do) but receive one-on-one training from him in both kickboxing and grappling. When I started at the gym, he was there to help me with technique and form while I got my feet wet. As I gained confidence and his high energy heavy bag routines trimmed my once boozy waste line, he pushed me to up my game and not rest on my laurels. I have lost two inches off my waste, kick like a mule, and even have abs! If you are looking for a trainer you can count on, EJ is the man."

Eric Capo

"Wow! These sessions with E.J. are more than I ever expected. Every time I work with him I learn I have so much more to learn. I look forward to continue with these sessions and seeing the improvements in my fitness and my kickboxing techniques"